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Hehee...funny prank call, one million dollars and a massage sounds great! And hooray for the Obama win!

lisa s

have you tried every massage place in the county? :)


thats so funny!!
congrats on the win!



just wanted to leave some big fat greetings and my hope that this election will truely bring a change. It's a big load for one man to carry!!
Your phone-story is so amazing ;))


How funny! I'm amazed any kids still do prank calls, what with caller ID ...

What next? Ding-dong ditch?


This is good sign for Obama's Presidency. As the country for a few weeks have not faced a great problem. The economy as well is doing well while sock markets are working smoothly. Being optimistic on the situation we are facing, I do hope things well get better as days goes by.

arizona auctions

The last thing that the auto auction needs is to be held responsible for selling a lemon to a dealership.


I wished I could have won the million dollar money too. And I am hoping that I could have go on to the massage too.

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