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I love that view!! David Sedaris is really funny! I don't think that it's a state of mind ;o)


a beautiful view. hi risa. bicycling through vineyards and orchards? count me in. i love that poster too. oh and i think my next audio book will be the david sedaris. i need more laughter in my life. ;)


the poster is lovely!
hpe youre doing well whatever youre up to xxx


All I have to say is I read the boil story out loud to Mr. Knitsonya. So good. I mean bad. I mean good.

lisa s

wow... look at that light....

i'm w/ you on david sedaris. he always cracks me up


My boyfriend actually DVR'd the 6am east coast airing of Meet the Press so he could watch it right when he woke up. We were both just open mouthed and *so* happy listening to everything Powell had to say.


Loved the poster. Glad you are enjoying the D Sedaris book - I thought it was his best!!!!
AND- just printed the "bikibg thru wine country in Colorada" Count Dad and me in!!!!! Would love to do this with you and Jordan


What gorgeous mountains, do you get to see that sunset often?. Hope work is going well. xo lj


Beautiful photograph, biking through orchards and wineries sounds wonderful! Glad you're enjoying yourself amongst the busyiness.


I'd love to bike the wineries!

Happy Halloween!

A Fanciful Twist

Miss Risa!! Just checking in, hope all is well in your busy world!! i am certain it is!!

I love David Sedaris, he is a hoot! Did you hear the This American Life episode where he talks about his sister and his dad?? SO funny!!

If you have not, let me know, I will find it for ya!!

xoxo, V

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