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lisa s

we only have brown/red squirrels here :D


You have been busy, and having some fun too!

We've had a black squirrel in our hood this summer...


Funny, I think he looks like a rat. With a furry tail.


keeeeee-yute! i like how you can see his little claws grasping the wire. and don't you just love the word "squirrel"? it's so silly, if you think about it. :)


Hello there little autumnal squirrel...


With the leaves, this strikes me as a perfeclty fall shot. The squirrels here are gray, too...


We only get grey squirrels here.

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you must be a fast shooter to catch this one on film.

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different from the grey ny squirrels i grew up knowing.

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maybe its his color, but this little squirrel looks like autumn.

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