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susan friedman

I wish you had one more week also!!!!!!
Loved having and the rest of the gang


I love the photo!! I understand, we haven't even had a summer here (for the second year in a row) with mainly grey skies and rain and today when I was walking to work it was already feeling autumnal and as I sit and type at 825pm it's almost dark already! Where did the long nights of summer go....

A Fanciful Twist

Come live here in the winter!!! I neeeeed cold weather! And snow ;) Let's swap palces for the winter... That could be fun? You take over my life, I take over yours?? xoxo

lisa s

i hear you on the wanting to slow time down just a little....


In return for your fall air i send you back some summer sun! Glad you had a good break xxx


Welcome home. You need to call me so we can figure out when we're going to hang out again!


This year is flying by quicker than usual, we definitely need more warmer weather over here (glad you had a lovely time).


glad you had a FAB time!!
love the image...beautiful!
hey is it cold in NY end of October?? my sis and her family are heading over there...


Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time. If you're still not ready for the cold then why don't you skip over here for a visit? It's just starting to warm up a little. xo lj

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