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happy anniversary!!! the paella looks delicious...we had seafood yesterday, was delish!!


Happy Aniversary! Looks like an amazing brunch! (Brunch seriously is the best meal ever!)


Happy Anniversary! AND for the link to another new, wonderful eatery!!


lisa s

happy anniversary!

i have a photo of a dessert on my phone i need to show you!


Oooooh Paella! And that is a breakfast! So delicious. Happy Anniversary!

sara k.

Yay! Happy anniversary to you, too!!!

Bobbypin Bandit

Suddenly I feel like I am starving. If only we could teleport objects from pictures...I could be eating an omelet right now. YummyYummy!


Happy anniversary! Mmm...delicious as always.

A Fanciful Twist

You always eat such delicious wonderousnessss!!! LOVE your post below!! hahah!! You are so adorable! xoxo

Veronica TM

happy anniversary, risa and jordan! yum!
and i love your modeling photo! how fun!

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