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lisa s

i think almost anywhere can be fascinating through the right lens, no??? :)


when i started looking at the mansion photos, my first thought was, "oh nooooooo, the plants were left behind!" but, they all look to be thriving, so surely, someone's watering them...?

very cool site, ris!


The 'then' and 'now' can never cease to fascinate me... I'm off to explore further. Thanks for the tip, Risa.

Enjoy the tail end of your summery weekend.


Abandoned buildings and amusement parks, what could be better? Putting the link down for further exploration, thank you!


I have to show this to Tess...we photographed some great abandoned buildings in and around Athens OH.



Oh yes, abandoned buildings - i have to check this out!
BH's, xxx


fantastic....but, what happens here? Nobody wants to "board" them?? There are such good ones among them!

A Fanciful Twist

Mike Tyson's mansion is abandoned??? let's move in!!

Okay, we are going to Ohio one day for sure!! Old Amusement parks, here we come.. Even if they are not operating!!


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