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Mom Quixote

What a lovely cake stand!


Hmm- your written goodness got eaten by Typepad - twice - they liked it so much they came back for seconds!!

I too would love to chop vegetables like they do on TV - I'd be afraid that I only ended up chopping fingers instead though!

Have a great weekend!


YES!! Doing cooking in full awareness, trying new recipes, new spices and having someone who appreciates this and perhaps likes to work with you is PURE GOOD LIFE!!

lisa s

verbose or not - we get the gist.
hope you had some good art viewing and a weekend full of cooking. i'm off to check the food blog!


Oh darn those recent typepad improvements, have they been giving you trouble as well?

Your plan to chop like a professional sounds brilliant. I'll have to visit one day and see your culinary skills in action. xo lj


Yes, me too! Those changes to typepad have me pulling my hair out in frustration. I try my luck through Safari and Firefox, but to no avail. Posts have been gobbled, text altered and images linked and underlined and so on and so forth... and I am being driven insane.
Best of luck with it your end... that plate littered with crumbs is a sweetie.
see you, g xo


that cake looks pretty rad! xox

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