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lisa s

hmm. maybe you need to start a cute food blog and give those portland cuties a run for their money?


looks soooo delicious. And b.t.w.: wasabi-powder: did you ever try to dry papaya-seeds.
They have a taste of raddish and are superbe for salads!


Mmm....looks delicious!
So fresh for the hot weather.


My favorite things! I spent $30 on sustainable harvested frozen shrimp at Whole Foods. Mr. Knitsonya thought I was mad. And I tell you I cannot get enough avocado lately.

A Fanciful Twist

You are incredible!! You always show such yuuummy things Miss Risa!! I must make this pronto!! xoxo

Blaze Danielle

Ooh! That looks delicious!! :)

Blaze Danielle

Ooh! That looks delicious!! :)


Hey Risa! I actually have one more playlist! :) I put it up in the shop for you if you want it! ;) And I'll send you a list of the songs!!



we've had some cold nights lately so have been having lots of stews and soups...i try to eat more salad but when its cold its not something I crave! enjoy your summer of lite eating!

Blaze Danielle

I'm glad you got one!! ;) Thanks!! It will be on your way today!


Looks delicious! Can you post me over a plate? xo lj


this sounds SO good and perfect for summer! i love a cold salad on a summer's night. xox


This looks *so* delicious. And simple enough that I could make it!


Oh...I missed the hot days....this looks wonderful!

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