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Cool! I hadn't seen that blog before. Thanks for the link. (I enjoy The Sartorialist a lot.)


I know what you mean about wanting to know their story! I secretly hope it's a Calamity Jane-type adventure. I do love that film!


tom and i both have rockmount shirts. it's like a denver rite of passage or something. xo

lisa s

yes! you should become a cowgirl!

Black-Eyed Suzie

what a dapper duo! Is that guy really 107??? That's crazy...he looks pretty fly for an old guy.


This post reminded me of a post you ones did on that old man at the beach,you and your hubby took his picture and observed him for a while and made up a story around him.I loved that post and love this one too.I think you have a gift of really enjoying elderly people and by posting about them you make them king for a day!xoxo


How very smart, you go cowgirl!

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