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i see the face! i think it has long hair pulled back in a ponytail, too. see it?


Looks like a perfect day up will have to visit in the summer and swim in the pool...COLD, but fun!


I can't see the face... I've stared at it for so long I'm starting to get a headache (not really, I already had one). Looks like you had a beautiful day. xo lj


I, too, prefer to keep my feet on the ground.

Happy weekend, g xx

lisa s

yup yup. i see a gorilla....

have a great weekend risa!!


Ahh! Thanks for the tip, Risa, with Gracia's help and yours I was able to see the gorilla headache-free. xo lj


rock climbing totally freaks me out too. i prefer to admire the mountains from a solidly grounded vantage point :) xox


Vast pieces of nature, nothing can beat it.


Catching up on my blog reading! I can see the gorilla, but if you make the picture larger, the gorilla's eyes can be Mickey Mouse ears with the mouse face below. Above the gorilla is a slightly distorted human face with a smaller human face on the left hand side of it. Very much like a hidden figure puzzle!

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