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Sounds like fun! I was not aware of City, O'City (kind of an odd name, that). I've been to Watercourse a couple of times since they moved but it just doesn't have the same appeal for me as their old place, even as cramped and funky as it was.

Did you make it to the Teahouse?


I love the graffiti - it reminds me of the television character Evil Edna (OK apart from the fact it doesn't look that evil) from Willo the Wisp when I was a child - it was a television programme and the character was a television!

I didn't make Eldorado Canyon when I was in Boulder but it looks amazing! Next time perhaps!


That is adorable graffiti. And just reading what you ate - one day we must break bread together, or meat or enchiladas or something.

lisa s

sounds like a good time! [i love how you list what you ate]


You hit some of my favorite spots! I'm sure your friends had a wonderful visit!


Sounds fantastic!


this sounds like so much fun risa. time with old friends is the best! xox


Good food, shopping and hiking with friends - how wonderful!

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