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happy house hunting!! we hope to move this year or maybe next year?! goodluck to both of us huh?
how cool about the Open house weekend - sounds like fun!


I agree with you regarding the big homes. I like to look at them, but then I think "That's just more that I'd have to dust."

Speaking of tread phrases, I had to laugh the other day when a friend said something, then followed it with "Psych!"

blaze Robertson

Haha! Great photos! I also prefer cozy to colossal. But what a fun adventure to b on! Happy house hunting!


open doors denver was so fun. we stayed in downtown for it...well, because it was t's birthday then. anyway, good memories. can't wait to see your new cozy house. xox

lisa s

you are so funny. you know - it's hard to be funny on a blog - but you do it all the time! :D


That would be lovely to live in!

Speaking of phrase trends, I was reaquainted with the old 80's phrase "to the max". Written on an old board in my house was "Derek rules to the max"...and it made me laugh because I remembered my brother (Derek) writing it.


I was going to say, oh my goodness risa...please please can I come stay? :) Thanks for your great sense of humour, and happy house hunting.


I'm all for cosy over colossal too. I think colossal would just equal enormous power consumption and also getting lost from one wing to the next.

I'll keep my fingers-crossed for your home hunting. There's a place for sale just across the street from my place, would that suit you?

xo lj


I love house to snoop around, mostly I have the same feelings, wouldn't trade the colossal for my tiny most days.

good luck hunting!


i'm with you on cozy...
good luck with the hunt!! xox

paolo boscolo

Great photos! Big houses are nice but sometimes .. more is less. PBC architecture.

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