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You find the BEST places to eat...this looks amazing!


what on earth is "Humboldt fog"- goat cheese???
But well,mmmmmmhhh!!


Looks great! Love Humboldt Fog. I've been meaning to check out Fruition. Thanks for the peek.

Bobbypin Bandit

That makes my the toast I am currently eating so boring and unappetizing. That food looks absolutely delicious!!!! I am glad you got to enjoy such a fantastic meal!


It all looks fab!

About the teahouse - it is probably worth booking if you want to go for dinner in the evening - it was busy when we were there but we were only 2 so after a drink we got a table - I think it was a week night though, during the day just for tea I am not so sure you'd need to book. It really is the most beautiful building!!


Oooh, that looks so good! I guess the executive chef was trained under Frank Bonano (of die for if you've never been!) so he must be Wonderful. They did a big spread on him in 5280. I wanted to go then, and I REALLY want to go after seeing your pics!


Oh Risa, you're killing me! I'm starving now. xoxo lj


oh my, that looks fantastic. me muero de hambre!


Mmm...salads! You always show the best food over here.


I'm so glad that I read this after I ate lunch, or I would have been very didn't hold a candle to this fine meal.


soooo making me hungry!

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