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did you ever think of renting artwork? We've got the possibility here, sometimes like in a library, sometimes even artists give you the possibility to lease their artwork and give it back after some time or pay the still missing amount to buy it.
So your birthday's coming up, too!!!??


Or...come to the EBCA studio tours in May, lots of interesting, local art :)


Oh i do like your choices for possibilities a lot - esp. the first one. Funny, i have been thinking more abstract lately and never thought i would.
Have a lovely weekend xxx




I love the first about Rex Ray? I am reading moomin right now :)

lisa s

these are really nice. i kind of like the last one [duh].

what about heather smith jones? she's kind of between abstraction and not

or how about amanda hughen, jennifer starkweather or katherine sherwood? electric works has prints of theirs - :)


Those are some lovely pieces.
I personally love Frank Stella. His work is sometimes quite bright and chaotic but more serene at others.
You can see some of his works here


march was a big budgeting month for me too... and it is absolutely true, the longer you do it the easier it gets to distinguish the wants from needs!
these are such nice picks. i don't have any suggestions at the moment but if i see something i will pass it on :) xox

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