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You are most definitely entitled to your opinion. Nicely put in a turning-the-other-blogging-cheek way. Chin up and don't forget your coat, right? For me it's my sweater and scarf. If I leave home without something to put around my neck - I feel lost.


Yikes....this got heated...the worst I have had is someone telling me I can't spell...

You are entitled to your opinions and observations and the resolve to stick to your guns. This is your forum after all.

lisa lou

Miss you too Ris-dog. If an intellectual, cross-cultural debate minus insults and personal attacks is impossible in the blogosphere, then where is it possible, ya know?

Oh well, we tried. Tell Jordan he´s a rockstar and I miss him too.

Veronica TM

i read this whole debate with much interest and i totally agree with lisa lou and you, risa, on having the freedom to express your opinion and in the hope that this type of debate could be possible in the blogosphere and anywhere else.


I was looking for your fanesca post and found this. I cannot believe the sister of the menestras de la negra wrote you. OK, sure if she doesn´t think its racist then awesome, but I do think that estadunidenses have a different sensitity about these questions, and lord she just doesn´t get it. Certainly critiquing logos is not part of the problem.


hear hear lady. xox

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