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Can i share a cell with you!! LOL!
Happy spring Risa xxx


Wow - that is an interesting look for a prison!


I think all the pink furniture is colour therapy - isn't pink supposed to be calming in a prison?

Also if they're allowed beds with boards round the side and drawers and pinup boards I'm guessing it's not too high security.

Even with our terrible jails in WA (Australia) there are very disadvantaged children breaking the law so they can be sent to jail so they can see their friends/ cousins, get three meals a day, and have activities to do :( Recently when one girl was asked by a judge why she stole something when she had no crim record she said that she wanted to be sent to jail because she missed her cousins in jail and couldn't afford the train trip to visit them.


wow that is the pink couches...


Heehee! Pink?! I would have never guessed!


Heehee! Pink?! I would have never guessed!


that's what a prison is thought to be: it shall bring you back to social life, perhaps connect you with your best parts....
I relate to what you say, that too many people are sent there.
And this one really is an idea...
And the houses: I like Bad Aussee best!!
Hope you're fine, dear!

blaze Robertson

Haha! Thank you! Your comment really comforted him! ;)


Amazing to see... it's not what my nightmares are made of at all. Should I ever be sent to prison for investment fraud or the like, I hope I land there.

Happy weekend, g xo


That prison was amazing! Not at all like the prison I worked in - although the women did try to make it feel "like home" Like decorating the toilets in their cells.


Fascinating pictures, looks better than some student accomodation...thanks for sharing :)


wow. this is so interesting to me (and yeah it's waaaay better looking than my dorm too :) ) i am doing research right now on prisoner's rights, specifically the way transgender people are treated in prisons. it is intense + heartbreaking.


wow, makes me want to commit a crime. but what crime would be enough to get me in? if prison is meant to be about rehabilitation then perhaps that place is for people who spill coffee and curry on white furniture - so if i pick a high profile person and desecrate their home with take-away food i might get sent to that prison.

looks like they have cleaners and room service.

ugh, it's kind of frustrating to see when i am a ridiculously 'good and just' person yet i can't even live in my house because it's a building site (a mobile home, but still). to think that i could live better if i stole money to build finish my home is quite disconcerting.

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