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Oh I completely know what you mean about the change in everyone's mood as soon as the sun starts to shine. Here in Manchester, as soon as there any hint of heat, students everywhere don their flip flops and sunglasses! It's just a shame it never lasts long here!

Black-Eyed Suzie

hmmm...I'll take your word for it! It's eight below here today - snow and ice and bitter wind. I know it's Canada after all but I'm crying inside! But thank you for the sentiment ...I'll try and stay positive...

a fanciful twist

My darling Risa!! You are sooooo funny!!! "the only great thing about winter is watching the happiness on everyone's face when it's over." haaa, yes, I washed winter away today, at a warm 85' xoxo


happy spring Risa!!!

Well, it will come, this snow will be melting off quickly...I am right there with you on the old lady bench, whining about the cold and brown and snow....



Is everyone having this great weather?! We are too! it's so nice! I love that big sculpture, perfect for spring. ;)

Veronica TM

what a great sculpture!
happy spring, risa!


I am so with you on this!!! Hate winter and welcome Spring :) what a difference it makes to my mood!
Wishing you a happy Spring my friend. Hugs, xxx


I love this sculpture! Thank you for sharing it!


Oh yes, cleaning can wait...go out and play!


that's going to be the smile on this old lady's face too when it warms up here... please please please soon!
my classmates are now referring to my visits home to FL as going to my "timeshare". hehe.

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