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oh I love these stores even if lots of the stuff sold there makes me frown....
Please...what is "fancy quality"
And how is it: do we eat chicken and send the feet to Corea or do they eat the feet and send the "remains" to the chicken-eater-part of the world...? :)))


PIGS FEET??????looks like a ball but perhaps for a vegetarian like me a bit too much LOL!Hope you are enjoying a great week hugs Dees


Oh my! I wouldn't fancy those pigs feet! But what adorable packaging for the oyster sauce! I would love to go to a market like this, in Manchester, we have a german christmas market every year which is so much fun.
I wonder how long it would take to get through one of those melons!


man, the pig feet do look tempting (not!!) haha...reminds me a brawn my mother made with all sorts of pig parts...but funny enough as an adult im starting to get it!


So exotic, bottles of pigs feet (humm)...thanks for sharing.


What fabulous photos! I think I've seen the can o' squid before, but those melons! I mean they look like something Andy Goldsworthy would use for a piece. They are truly monumental.

Veronica TM

i love the colours of the second photo!
water chestnuts: yum!
chicken feet: not so much.




Pink, red and Turquoise, great combination!!
Are those big melons tasty?


ohh ive never had water chestnuts before? Please tell me you didnt try out the pigs feet?! xxx

lisa s

i always find the funniest stuff at the korean market... :)


ohhhh! i visited h-mart in koreatown here for the first time a couple of weeks ago. it was a-ma-zing. i can't wait for you to visit nyc :) xox

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