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Yam fries! I've only tasted these once before and I loved them.

see you, grache xo


love the vietnamese Good!!!
we have a bakery near my home that makes them and I swear they is always a line of people waiting out into the street!!!

blaze Robertson

Yam fries?! Those look/sound amazing!! If only you could ship some to me!! :D


Wow, you are so exotic with your meals.
Love the sound of tofu sandwich and yam fries.

lisa s

those yam fries look so so good


denver treats that i never got to experience. :) they look great. xo


yummmmm, yam fries! Fabulous photos Jon...


The Shoppe is a truly fabulous find; I'm so glad you've had the pleasure! Are you a Denver girl? I don't know many other Denver folks who blog...I'm glad to find you!

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