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lisa s

omg. so so so funny. i love it...

[and... thank you for what you said on gracia's blog. you are the cutest]


It's a Pulli! It is so darned cute Risa. I cast my vote!


Your dog is the best!! I just voted for her...him.

Tess will be in town for spring break, maybe we'll be able to make it down...we'll try!


Loved your dog!!
My friend Toby has a dog just like that


too cute!!!!


Count me in... I'm off to vote for your canine.

A Fanciful Twist

Oooo! Isn't that fun??? By the way, totally on a side note!! I dreamt that I was helping you pack (I know weird) because you were moving back to Ecuador and after that Morocco.... And you were talking about how you Missed Ecuador... I dunno, I am a strange dreamer.. I will tell you more about it.. xxxooo


I love dogs whose eyes you never see! I exercised my civic duty and voted for "5".


Oh was a wonderful little puppy! He looks like Doddle off the Magic Roundabout - a old cartoon that was extremely popular in England!

blaze Robertson

This is crazy cute!! :) Great job! I bet it took a lot of patience! :) Great job!


He's gorgeous... of course I voted him best in show. xo lj


What a fantastic idea, love what people did to the dog form (yours remind me of one from 'magic roundabout')!


O h my G !!!!!I LOVE HIM!!!!!xoxo


oh no! i missed it :( but so so so cute. xox

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