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love love these images and the stories you can imagine looking at them. raw walls are so fascinating to me too... you can see layers and layers of time and history. xox


I love them, too...all those three you show us. But I think I would like to make sure, living in there, that this is not unfinished renovation but a state I exactly want to have by giving them a finish of any king...polish or something else! Like if you finish you painting!


Wow, a lovely little story you took me on there. You certainly have a clever, active imagination! Shall most certainly be returning



Lovely photos! :) I posted about what I'm inspired by today too! :)

Must be on the same wave-length! ;)

lisa s

oh yes. walls with history.....

Britt-Arnhild in Norway

Have you ever considered writing a short story :-)


Love those images, Risa. I, too, am a fan of the raw wall. Walls with charm and history... lovely.


Oh to be taken away.....beautiful...

blaze Robertson

I just wanted to let you know that you made me laugh out loud when I read your post! "...and grandma"

Haha! Thanks for bringing a smile to my day!


awww the beauty of decay - I love it too!!
how is your little home going...?
we've finished our painting but im still putting stuff back on the wall and adding more thanks to Etsy!!


How timely! We ate in this amazing New Orleans style restaurant in Vancouver today--Ouisi. Such great food. And an amazing decor with exposed ceilings like your second picture. We spent at least 5 minutes trying to figure out if it was intentional. Reading this, I'm now convinced it is.


Thank you for sharing these photos. Your description of the young nun's sparse room reminded me of a room I rented in a women's residence house in the West Village. It was the first time in years I had slept in a twin bed. But I was on the top floor overlooking the street, and I had easy roof access, so it was kind of cool.

ana ventura

:) You're so sweet!
[I would love to have a photo from my paperdoll in your home]

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