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That top one is good. It's the pink that does it for me.


it does sound fun...especially to take worn out beautiful bits from your home and make a great rug. happy weekend risa! xo


heehee, that's in my mind for some time now, too! Mine will be more like the last one, in shapes of red and orange and round.....but hmmmh, i'd have to get started first...

lisa s

yes yes yes. please make one!!1
can't wait to see it


I love them, they look so vibrant, happy and fun.


Oh yes - you have to make one!! I love the top one - and it does kind of look like a cell :) hugs xxx


Yes, love them! The first one reminds me of a cross section of some wonderful exotic fruit!


Ooooh, I have a big oblong antique rag rug like the very last picture in my upstairs hallway! I got it from my mother and I think she got it from my grandmother...I have no idea how old it is, but I love it (and my dog loves to sleep on it!).


Oh yes Risa,we could have breakfast and lunch AND diner and make a ragrug together,Wow wouldn't that be fun!!!!!!!xoxo

simple me

these are very popular here ... well, they used to be traditional :)*


i have been wanting to make a rag rug for ages too... i have a stash box of yarn bits and i keep thinking, one day...


What a great idea. I like the last one with a variety of colors. Good luck making your ragrug.

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