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how big is that thing anyway??? between the lamp post and airport, i've totally lost perspective. also, i loved elisa on pr! she was so painfully earnest, it was sweet. you could tell she was wacky down to her heart -- not just for show or attention.


Oh, it does look lasers! That is really eerie.


It reminds me of the evil reindeer display that a neighbor used to put on his lawn every Christmas; they had red lights in their scary (but not 32 feet high - that would have been scarier)!

lisa s

the eyes are so freakin scary!

Blaze Robertson

Woah!! Totally crazy!! I don't think I would like that as my backyard decor!


Humm...that does look scary, I wonder why they used red lights for the eyes? Such an unwelcoming statue at the airport.


Wow that horse looks scray, but it's beautiful as well! And a part of it killed it's creator? How bad! Bit Frankenstein like.... Yes it looks a bit alien...!



I have been following this...we had ANXIOUSLY awaited its arrival for the past 15 years!!! We are planning on driving out to see it this weekend. I love his work...I may be weird too!! The red eyes are scary and after the accident and the delays I questioned whether the Mustang really WANTED to be at DIA.

p.s. did not realize his daughter was on project runway...


It's very disturbing. Not a happy pony at all.

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