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simple me

Hi sweet Risa,

you made me laugh when you commented that you thought I was going to make a moleskine page in ceramics for the whole of 2008 ... ah!ah! that would be insane. but come to think of it ... maybe next year ... just joking! :))
I love to see you around and to know that you are doing well.
big hugs and thank you so much for your comments and for making me laugh
muchos bejos


You are too cute!
I can say blogging is definitely an education, as well as for meeting great people like you.


Good word to use!! I like yeti!


hee hee. you are great risa! did you ever get julie morstad's book? xox

lisa s

you crack me up


Hahaha! Why does winning scrabble feel so good? :o)


ha! the world is small and something to learn around every corner!!
I LOVE scrabble!


YETI... such a great word to have up the sleeve when lumbered with a Y.


yeah, yeah, yeah. ok, fine. so you got a good word....but i demand a recount, man! geeeez.

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