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green...with...shoe...envy. you've unleashed the monster. make hulk want smash! xo


OMG the soles!!!!!Never saw anything like it!!Lucky girl you!I know they will look so amazing on you!(you sure have tiny feet!)xoxo


I love that film too. My daughter dances and this year is entering a choreography competition with her dance being based on that film. Love those IC shoes! Have you seen the ones they do with a tape measure rosette on the side?! Gorgeous.


I like your new shoes! It seems such a shame to walk on those gorgeous soles!

The Tattered Cover is the most amazing bookstore! I loved it - think of my 5 hours in Denver this autumn I spent about 1.5 hours in the Tattered Cover!


I love irregular choice shoes, Ooh, the sole of yours is so nice -how can you bear to walk in them?


Your shoes! Do you just go 'round kicking your feet up whenever you wear them?? Put some sort of protectant on them so they don't get all scuffed up...possible?

For netflix, we just saw a few good ones;
Once, The Parrots of Telegraph Hill and The Best of Youth...always looking for good tips.

lisa s

happy happy new year dear friend....

i LOVE those shoes. wow.

A Fanciful Twist

10 people have told me i need to see this due to my dancing girls!! isn't this funny?? I guess I must.. ps: Will e-ail you in seconds!! xoxoxo

Bobbypin Bandit

I love that movie and I love red shoes. I have a few pairs of irregular choice and I always feel guilty walking on them because the soles are always so pretty. Why do they do that!!!


How I loved that film when I was growing up (and still have a soft spot for it). I have always wanted red hair ever since.

take care, g xo


I loved it too. I haven't seen it in such a long time. I'll have to make an effort to track it down.

Veronica TM

those shoes are amazing! i have to see that movie.


what beautiful soles on those shoes... it would be hard to wear them outside the house!
and i heart technicolor :)


Very classy looking shoes

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