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Hi Risa,

I think it's really wise of you to not end a film or book you can not enjoy. You should enjoy as many things in life as you can!

That first movie sounds interesting. I never heard of it. That's strange since the Netherlands is very close to Belgium, we even share a border hehe... So I think it's great you have seen it!

Have a nice day risa!


Thanks for the movie tip - I feel I miss so many and it's always great to hear about good ones. And I agree, completely fun to say it with a French accent. As far as Julia, the no dairy might just be a sticking point.

Black-Eyed Suzie

would you believe my friend's father, who was an actor and huge Julia Child's fan, once wrote her a sonnet beginning an ongoing correspondence with her husband, also, apparently a big lover/ writer of odd and wonderful...


I saw L'iceberg last year and SIMPLY LOVED it!! :)


I don't have a problem anymore not finishing a book or movie that I am not enjoying!

Thank you for the movie title, we have Netflix again and I am adding it to our list!!


I'm adding the Julia Child to my Amazon Wishlist (technically just my reading list, as I check most of my books from the library...but it's good for keeping track). I must try to remember to add the movie to my Netflix queue..though Joe has lately expressed some frustration with all the subtitled films I've been getting lately!

Bobbypin Bandit

I think that good cooks/chefs are good because they can make recipes adaptable to any palette. So I don't think that Julia would mind no dairy. I love her. Although every time I hear or think of Julia, I feel like watching The Goonies because of the one scene with Chunk and Sloth. Anyways, hope you are well!!!


You are adorable risa!

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