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I like the toadstools! I got a felt one in Bath recently!!

Losing that ring must have caused anguish! I am glad that you got another!!

Have a great haircut and weekend!

lisa s

love your shrooms!

i've always wanted to go to san sebastian.
do we get to see you post-haircut? :)


Hey Risa! how is the house painting and redecrating going?
i love the little mushrooms - they look so perfect there...lovely art work too!
ohhh you know how much I adore San sebastian - would love to visit again oneday....
haircuts are good pick me up...i got a professional blowdry the other day and walked out with a skip in my step - it looked so good!


Those mushrooms are lovely. And I love the sentiment - searching for the wedding ring. A "since we're here, we might as well" kind o' thing.


Love the mushrooms!! Will you send other photos of your apartment since I can not be there to enjoy it with you!!!!!
And hope you had a good haircut
Love you


Please show us your haircut!!!!I remember you looking so goreous in the picture with the teacup!I loved that haircut,it looked sooooo gorgeous on you!xoxo
PS love the shrooms!


Ohhhh!!! Adore your Fanciful fungi!! Lucky girl!!!

Yes, yes...Spain!


Love the peek into your home, adore Vanessa's shrooms and a jen corace original -swoon!


i love those mushrooms!
and the spanish honeymoon sounds so wonderful. e + i have been dreaming of going to spain for ages... a friend of mine is there for a year on a fulbright and he is loving it. the food... sigh...

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