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lisa s

le fantasie!


Stunning images, the pink kitchen (swoon)! - the decors are suppose to be British? C'est Manifique!


c'est magnifique. xo


Lovely. I have always wanted a petite maison all of my own.


ohhhh, that light!!!! To die for and the mixed colors of chairs, I love this!

Bobbypin Bandit

Can I live there? Is there hot water there? My water heater is broken and I haven't had hot water in two weeks!! I love these images, thanks for sharing them!!!


I could move right in :-)


J'adore le maison! I must get the magazine. The kitchen is just so gorgeous and everything is so cheerful and bright. You certainly brought some spring to my freezing cold day!

simple me

I knew these images were familiar :)) for years I collected Marie Claire Maison magazines, then I just stopped being able to buy them over here, not sure why.
it is so good to be able to spend a whole afternoon looking at magazines and just dream.

have a great weekend dear Risa.

... thank you for letting me know about design sponge and for your kind words, mi amiga! :)*


Wow,that is so inpiring!I would love to live like romantic!I love marie claire,it is one of the best magazines ever I think!especially the marie claire idees with all kinds of crafting stuff in it!


ohhhhh too much gorgeousness... oh to have a house like any one of these!


I love the colors on those pictures, yes I would waste my day like that! I like your name:)

A Fanciful Twist

Ahhhhem, sweetie, why is my house on your blog? Hee heee. I WISH!! xoxo


I just looooove that kitchen. xo lj


Oh, magnificent! I want to live in a place just like that... all ordered, brilliant colour and charm.
see you, g xox


fantastic photos.


i love that interior style...cosy is good!!


I quite like the 'mélange de récup' et de charme' look - i love how you put these things together xx


so much wonderful color... i really love the orange curtains in the first shot. and those chairs!


lovely pictures, such inspirational. thanks for sharing :) wish you a cozy weekend risa!

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