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lisa s

it's nice to read about a show that was approachable and good....


it's just what you say: lots of modern art is not approachable, if the makers of the exhibition don't give you "further information", like an interview with the artist etc. So most people will again and again visit the artists they already know....

I like this video- project a lot!!


Looks like you had a really great day!!

It's good that it was approachable for people who love art but do not have a degree in art history or any of that kind. I share your opinion that it's nice to be challenged but that it has to be enjoyable aswell. This looks like either of that kind. I really love that idea of the videoproject, i love it that there is some kind of seperate-togetherness in it hee hee does that make sense??

Have a nice day!!!

xxxxx Les


Great post! I especially think that the legend piece would have been fantastic to see!!! Thank you for sharing!


Loved reading thru this post - thanks for taking us round.

Enjoy your guests..maybe i will pop over later too :) xxx


Now saw a dancer, draped backwards over a chair...head thrown back...hmmmm

I haven't been to the new contemporary art museum yet..must go.

I hope the Legend piece is still there when I finally make it. Is it permanent I wonder?

jennifer ramos

I would LOVE to have seen the Legend video installation....sounds unique and I love Marley, so this would've been quite cool. Wish they had stuff like that here in Vegas! What's wrong with this town??

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

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