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Blaze Robertson

These look so delicious! I want you to come and cook for me!! I absolutely love lettuce wraps! Crunchy and hot and cold and YUM!! What a fun post!


it's so great to take a cooking -class, especially all-over-the-world-food! New aromas, new spices, new combinations and giving your hands and tongue something to do...I would have joined you!!


ohhhh, my mouth is watering!!!!


:) love the tofu dream story, hope you had fun...looks delicious!


mmmmmmmmm my mouth is watering!


Wow that looks delicious!! And how great she got the recipe in her dream, that's very special... I love that! Maybe it will be a hit worldwide!

xxxx Les

Have a great sunday!


i am starving now!
i have been really wanting to take a cooking class here... these photos are great inspiration :)

Britt-Arnhild in Norway

I love Chineese food, and this looks delicious.

And coming in a cool is that :-9

A Fanciful Twist

Okay, make it again, only let me get my plane tickets first!!!!

Okay, wait, When I first met you it was Neil Diamonds birthday, and you played with my head. As I thought he was my father until I was 7. Yes, My dad looked like him, I couldn't tell the difference.

And, now it is his birthday again? Oh well, silly me, I guess he does have them once a year!!! xooxox


Hungry? I am now! Looks delicious, my tummy is rumbling now. xo lj

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