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lisa s

ha! what a great book. those fashions are hysterical!


oh wow. it's from an imprint of carolina wren press. they are in my neck of the woods. looks like a great book. xo

A Fanciful Twist

OH My Goooodnesssss!! It is fab, love the clothes!! 80+ bucks.. wowsa!!!


Oh wow isn't it great you have your copy and not have to pay a small fortune for it?I just found a copy of the butterflyball by alan aldridge.People pay a fortune for it on ebay and I found mine for 4 euro's Yippieeee!I love your book pallie,I agree totally with Lisa.The clothing is hysterical!


Lovely little book, I'm not familiar with it. It reminds me of Elsa's 2...the sun and the rekindled spirit.

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