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Haha self centered YOU??you are funny!I don't know anybody who is more concerned about the world around her then you pallie!


I agree, self-centered you definitely are not. xoxo lj
PS I love those lunch boxes.


There is just something about a bento box. It just makes for cute lunches!


You're right, Lunch In A Box just sucked a half hour from me. I swore I was just going to check it out quickly, but that didn't happen - I was wooed by those incredibly cute egg molds!

Thanks for the link ~ Tiff*


That first thing made me laugh, although I really don't see you as a self centered person! But if you are, I don't blame you since you are a great person :) hehe! No just kidding Risa, you are not like that at all.

Those Lunchboxes look sooo cute! When I was in school a girl went to Japan and got a red lunchbox set like that over there which she brought with her to school everyday! It looked so amazing!! Do you have some boxes as well?



So cute! I wonder how long it takes people to prepare lunches like these daily, too beautiful to eat. Looking at them is making me hungry :)

lisa s

you are so funny. i want more bento boxes - can you ever have enough?


Haha! I love your you're not self centered, it's muscle memory. ;)

I love bento boxes too! So tidy and cute.


oh my goodness. i love these... they really put my workaday turkey sandwich to shame!!

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