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Wowsa, Hemingway had one beautiful bathroom.


I like the tiles on your bathroom floor- the graphic style and I would give something for a bathroom like Hemingway had it: so much light, so many views into a beautiful garden!

Black-Eyed Suzie

Thanks for stopping by - I know what you mean: my dolls are far better dressed than I am! I love your bathroom - the tiles / colours are gorgeous...and that Hemingway bathroom...drool!! And I didn't know that Persepolis had been made into a movie (I loved the books, too) so thanks for that very exciting news!!


At first when I scrolled down I though that was YOUR bathroom! Yours does look original, the subway tile with the thin line detail and the floors, very cool....


There's some fabulously unique features in your house, so inspiring and wonderful.


que impresion! esa esquina parece la de mi baño (bah, la del baño del departamento donde vivo)... me dio escalofrios!


It looks great Risa!I always love the deco influences too!we sure do have alot in common you and I!xoxo


oh yes, i like the floor tiles and that black stripe going around.


Wow, I had no idea. Given how photos weren't in color and bathrooms were probably rarely photographed to begin with, I probably shouldn't be surprised that I was clueless about this sepia color being so huge. Very cool to have original tile.


Very nice! I am jealous of your bathroom, hehe.


hi there sweet risa. i have so so much catching up to do... and i owe you an ENORMOUS email as well... first i am going to enjoy having a long blog visit (which feels so much like sitting down for a coffee, strangely, and catching up on the time past). i have been thinking of you so much-- sending big hugs my friend. xoxo

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