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I can't wait to see photos of you place all put together!

We take shameful photos of our pug, wrapped in a head scarf...calling her little Babushka!!


I had already started singing the Kate Bush song before I scrolled to the end of your post.

I like the couch every much!


Hi risa, you amaze me with your facts and knowledge :) Love the couch, very contemporary and cool! lisa s' print is too wonderful.


the couch sounds amazing...


A Lisa Solomon! Oh. Craaaave. One of these days.

A Fanciful Twist

OH YA for your Lisa S treasures!!! And, your couch!!! Love it!!!! xoxoxo


Oh yes I love that song too.and that wrapper with the baby is just too cute I think!Are we going to get a peek what your hair looks like?????please?????hugs Dees

PS I was going to send you a christmascard but I don't have your new adress just the one of your parents(were I send the package to)


Vocabulary, head scarves, haircuts, 70s orange and velvet chairs, and beautiful artwork and gifts from Lisa... it all sounds like one splendid and busy whirl.
take care, g xo


Your couch looks great, and perfect to enjoy that Russian chocolate on. My parents brought me back a block of that a few months ago, when they visited St Petersburg. It's very yummy. xo lj


Oh I love the artwork of Lisa and the goodies! And I love babushkadolls! So much information about the name! I knew that it could mean Grandma but I also heard that it could be used as an insult hehe!
I'm very curious about the haircut! Really looking forward to see it, hopefully you are going to show it to us!!! xxx

lisa s

how happy am i to be in a post about babushkas???
heh heh

[great couch]


i love to say babushka... one of those words that just feels right on the tongue :)
we just got new couch covers at ikea and i was soooo hoping for charcoal, but we ended up with a black and white print and navy blue. the pillow issue for the print (it's a floral) is perplexing. solids? dots? i have no idea what to do.

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What a great Christmas lunch table decoration. How lovely to have everyone's name on a piece ready to serve a little surprise gift :)

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