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hi risa.

you know...we never made it to casa bonita. i kept suggesting that we go but all of our denver friends said the food is so bad. but c'mon! that's not why i wanted to go in the first place. hello? cliff diving! xo


that's *exactly* how i felt when i visited LA for the first time! kinda deja vu. it was if i had stumbled onto the set of the brady bunch, and all the foreign yet strangely familiar things i'd seen on tv growing up suddenly made sense. tres bizarre.

Veronica TM

how fun! kitsch can be fun, but like you, i like it in moderation.


Charles Phoenix, that sounded so great! and ugghhhh, can I tell you how many times we took kids on school trips to Casa Bonita...

You are discovering all the stuff...Tiny Town?

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