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I still can't believe someone actually lived in this house before you...are you sure it didn't use to be a restaurant or some sort of hotel? Can't wait to see the finished thing.


That's true.... I've never seen a lounge room with such spectacular door frames, and burgundy walls of with sooooooo much texture! Are all your rooms influenced by different cultures?


It's going to look wonderful when finished... those ornate door frames will be completely transformed with a lick of paint and all your collected belongings and treasures.
Happy painting, g xo

A Fanciful Twist

Getting rid of the casbah feel??? Darn I was about to send you some bells and incense lamps from ancient Egypt, hee hee xoxoxoxox


dig the boombox.

lisa s

oh ! looking good.

happy painting!


It looks nice that colour :) makes it more peaceful I guess! I still love the arches though! How are you by the way Risa? xxxxx


Great choice on the color. Those archways are so beautiful and so are the windows. You lucky lucky girl!


it really looks, like the wall are varnished..and have many layers of old painting on it easy to paint them?? I think I liked the red, but íts good for those walls to leave the stage!!

lisa lou from down south

hey ris.

miss you guys. yay for jordan busting his arse painting.

after reading "Angela's Ashes," I really like the word "arse."

chao chica!


hurrah for painting! isn't it the most wonderful feeling? as the paint goes on the place becomes truly yours.
i started my nyc apt hunt in earnest a couple of days ago... oh my goodness :)


grey will surely look great!!
really like the previous eccentric look ;)

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