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That chair is the best... It's so enchanting... Wish I had one like that! It's a bit of a princess chair. Love the carrots aswell, they are so cute. Glad you are surrounded by them again! They make great friends, even though they are 'just' stuff! xxx


On a sun-filled day, I am enchanted by my stuff, too. Enjoy all the unpacking and rediscovering that lies ahead, Risa. xo


Oh my goodness, that purple chair is wonderful!! Love the ceramic lady, can't wait to hear more about the artist behind this beautiful work. Thank you for these posts, I really enjoy rediscovering lost treasures with you :)


It's so much fun settling into a new place, don't you think??

Fun 'stuff' you have here, yes that purple chair, Alice in Wonderland-ish...


Old stuff can be the coolest sometimes- all funky and vintage, but still able to hit a nostalgic chord too. I love that chair. Obviously everyone else does too!

lisa s

but your stuff makes me laugh and smile!


Looking at your blog today made me smile.
The jar brought back wonderful memories!!!!!

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