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Oh, Risa! I'm so happy you like this book of mine. It went through so many stages where I didn't think I'd even get it printed; it's funny how things like that go. Some things I am certain of and others (like this one) I am in the dark. If I could, I'd give you this book. Louise and I made our first book with that very idea in mind; to give them as gifts to dear and loved ones. Unfortunately they cost a little too much to make for us to be able to afford to do so, but still, the sentiment is the same.
Enjoy your time in the mountains!
take care, g xo


That print is gorgeous. Good luck with the new job!


Good luck on monday pallie I will be thinking of you!!!

lisa s

hope you are having a lovely time!!!

and what goodies you post!

ashley g

You are so so welcome!! And that "Oh Dear" looks so good : )


Such a charming print :-)


Wonderful! I love AshleyG's work.
Great book selection, I have been swooning over G&L's 'find your place' book too. Wishing you all the best in your new job.


Hi risa, Good luck today! I hope you have a nice day at your new job! I love those three books. They look amazing, that beautiful artwork from the first one with the animals! And i love the design of the second one, the cover looks so cute. Hope you'll have them in your possesion soon! xxxx Les


what amazing treats you've shared!! I love the find your place book!! :)

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