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Veronica TM

that is beautiful penmanship! i love the paper too.
so much to catch up with here, risa! i am glad you are doing well in colorado, i already love the photos you are showing.

A Fanciful Twist

Wow!!! I love it!!! I want to get some quils to write with, and some ink... I wrote a letter to some little girls with somewhat fanciful penmanship and used a wax seal.. Matches and all.. How can I miss a time that I never lived in??? xxxooo


Not having great penmanship, I am always in awe of those who do. Lovely piece of history you've got there.

lisa s

oh that's gorgeous!


So lovely....and I'm with Vanessa....I miss that time I've never lived in, too! My husband has a great little collection of sealing wax and feather pens and inks.....hmmm.....perhaps I'll go write something down! : )


it's so beautiful! As I see, you've got Austrian roots :)
It's like a meditation come back to "old" technics, like hand-writing. Writing not only for the reason of getting something written down. Writing only for....writing.... Snail-mail-joy!


I love seeing old journals, notes, etc. with such beautiful penmanship like this. I wish penmanship had been encouraged more when I was in school. I was always so envious of friends who wrote beautifully (my handwriting is just this side of illegible doctor handwriting).


How beautiful...lovely to see something written BY HAND!!

Happy New Year to you and Jordan!!! xxxxxx


Beautiful... both the text and paper. Pen and ink, quills, vellum... what's not to miss, eh?
see you, grache xo


This is so beautiful. What a wonderful thing for you to have.


this is so beautiful. signs of an earlier age...
i am such a penmanship junkie and it always disappoints me that my own writing doesn't live up to what i would like to see in my head... my hands don't cooperate! e has the loveliest handwriting i've ever seen. the first time i saw him write (maybe the 4th date) i knew i was in love...


Wow, what a beautiful thing to treasure!
I wish I could write like that...isn't it a shame no one writes with crafted penmanship any more?


Wow! What a beautiful handwriting. I think it's a sad thing that all the handwriting will vanish because of computers. It's something great and personal. I love this old book, How lovely for you to have this. xxxx Les


a beautiful memory for you.
amazing calligraphy.


Truly a lost art....really wonderful piece of family history....

l'Shana Tova!!!


What a wonderful treasure to have!


wow! that's frameable. hope you're liking colorado!


I always love the semi-illegibility of script Hebrew.


oh wow - this is amazing! you are so lucky to have this in your family
what a treasure!!!

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I never thought of it like that, but it really is true.

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