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I love that feeling of being in the middle of starting something new.I can tell you too are enjoying it!!!So enjoy!!!


The road from travelling in the fast lane, having adventures and settling down is a good and exciting one. Good luck in finding the perfect home. Have a fun weekend!


I know, when I bought my first couch I felt like such a grown up. I love your artwork, encaustics have fascinated me - a medium I would love to try - and what you have there is the perfect subject. Yeah, yeah, yeah there I go again, wanting to do and try and make. Must restrain.


Good luck with settling into your new apartment, couch shopping and all! xo lj


i confess that i'm a bit envious of the ease of apartment hunting there :) dreaming of couch shopping and art hanging in the spring or next fall...

lisa s

yay for art and couches.
i vote for rochelle....


Oh how exciting, can't wait to see your beautiful art in pictures later when it's all together : )


I miss traversing through the Ecuadorian jungle with you, too. Happy couch hunting to you nonetheless. Feathering a nest is pure joy (at times). And, how beautiful your piece by Julie is.
see you, g xx


heehee this made me laugh - about couch shopping..the time has come my friend!!!

We are thinking of couch number two since the first isnt looking so good!!

BH, xxxx


lovely art work that will give beauty to your home.


As Sonya said: I'm not grown up yet, I did never buy a couch for my own. We've got an old one which already has been old when we got it, covered with blankets, and for about three or four years now we're looking for one to buy. But I think, it's the piece of furniture with the biggest "personality" in our home which makes it so difficult to find a "new" one....


Congrats on the job!!! I love the second couch best and the artwork is so great!


You'll have to get into the 'wilds' of the front range and share those adventures too!

Please send me your address when you have one so I can send you a bit of mail art....


I love the sky piece! It reminds me of a scarf I dyed recently.

It is difficult shopping for a couch. I shopped for one for such a long time. (I finally settled on Free from My Brother.)


Oh I love the artwork!! I really hope you will find a new lovely house. With this art work every house will be wonderful I guess!!! Good luck! xxxx Les


Ah, I have traversed this same rocky couch journey looking at the exact same ones you've posted above. (Tailored, tufted, straight-armed in a linen color.)I eventually settled for a pair that I love the looks of, but aren't holding up as well as I'd like. If you're looking for something for the long haul, consider the three-cushion model. I went with the two for looks, but my old three-cushion held that pristine look for YEARS longer. Good luck!

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