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pumpkin fritters sounds so good as does jasmine tea. will have to go make some. were you in west highlands or highlands? just curious. it's so fun to remember denver. i had a little pang in my heart for it just yesterday. ;) xo


did any of the picarones come shaped like, um...uh, would johanna have liked the fritters? ;)


oh my gosh - i would love to have a picarone! sounds amazing!

i love knowing about the different ways ceviche is served. yummy.


Oh risa, I think I need those pumpkin fritters. I understand your stress, I am going through a similar situation right now, will email you in detail later...Wishing you all the best in your job hunt, I know how disheartening and stressful it can be, good luck!xox


Delish...Hope you find a job real soon...if not you can always drive a cab (now that you are driving again!!)

A Fanciful Twist

OH my !!! Wayyy too delicious!!!!! Spoil away, you ahve soo much to do.. You deserve it!! xoxoxo


I have not heard of these places and we have been wanting dim sum for ages.....must go!!!

Wishing you the best in finding your way to settling in....


Sounds delicious and the best way to a good mood :) xxx

lisa s

oh that looks good. i remember trying to learn how to drive stick... :) good luck


God I am hungry right now. I don´t know what to miss the most. Dim sum box. Sigh.

Dont worry, Risa, you will find the perfect job for you in Denver. It just takes time, a few interviews, a few near misses. Keep eating everything you want. But todo se va a arreglar, no te preocupes....


Think I'm in need of a little sip of jasmine tea, too, Risa. All the best with your big search. I have my fingers tightly crossed that you'll find a job just perfect for you.
take care, g xx


mmmmmm you're making me hungry. Good luck with the job, the home front and the driving. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you too.
xo lj


that looks and sounds scumptous! esp the last photo...pumpkin fritters!!!! yum!


hola Risa! pasa por la Casuni que hay un regalito para vos!


I can honestly say (from recent experience even!) that I know just what you mean. But bit by bit everything will fall into place, you'll see. Good luck learning stick, you'll be amazed when it just clicks and then just doesn't seem hard at all, I swear! Plus once you can do it, it seems way more fun than driving 'normal' cars ;)


You made me crave dim sum, then I got to the last photo and yum yum, pumpkin and honey and fritters? Words to salivate by.

simple me

yes, nothing better than good food to sooth your soul.
just take it easy with all those jobs :)


**Sigh** you make wish for S. American food. I had better tell you since you've been so helpful w/ Ecuador suggestions...Joe and I have decided not to go to S. America this fall. After the wedding and honeymoon, our bank accounts and energies are a little drained. On top of that we are planning to move to Washington (maybe Seattle?) in spring so it's too much, too soon. I so admire your busy-ness and ability to settle back in to a new country right now along with job hunting *and* finding a house at the same time. That's exactly what i want to avoid, but I can't help but be a little sad and feel like I'm missing out on something great, creative, and important. We need to do what's best for us at the time, though.
It is still a dream, and hopefully one that will be realized during the next two years! That's the (new) plan, anyway. =)


these meals sound absolutely wonderful. i have been thinking of you here and can't wait to share a meal! i had korean last week and am going to queens for korean this weekend :) emailing you soon!

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