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You said:

> i am not sure how i feel about the idea
> of turning apersonal space into an
> advertisement

Americans to this to their bodies all the time. Coach handbags, Tommy Hillfiger clothes ... all sorts of things that are covered in logos or are instantly recognizable. And, not only are they not paid to do this, they actually spend money to be walking billboards. It's mind boggling, isn't it? :)


Glad you arrived safely! Hope you didn't have to resort to tears at the airport to get your luggage on-board - this is what my travelling friends always suggest they will do if their heavy luggage is a problem!! Can't wait to hear about New York food - the options are never-ending!


Two beautiful photos, Risa... that text, message aside, when looked at purely visually, is beautiful. Thanks for taking me to Ecuador... I'm looking forward to exploring further new environs with you on your blog.


I think, Futuregirl is totally right!!!
Did you ever read "no logo"/Naomi Klein?
Have a great start!!


Happy to hear you arrived safely. I hope your luggage arrived with you.


what an amazing part of your life.. and how it has come to an end so the next chapter can begin.. hope the next chapter is an enriching happy week Margie


i also think they are beautiful but have the same feelings about the idea behind them as you!!
Sending hugs and looking forward to this new chapter xxx


Very interesting cultural differences...I think it's largely to do with the money issue to transform their houses into billboards, but futuregirl made an observation regarding the western community. Thank you for the fascinating insight, and glad you're settling into a new chapter of your life.


Glad to hear you made it safely to NY.

We seem to have the same things going on here, like nearly every venue sporting a corporate name, vehicles covered in corporate logos.....I guess no one has thought yet to offer their home to corporate sponsorship, I'm sure it's not far off though.


glad you had a safe journey to NYC! i am very happy to hear about the FOOD! can't wait!

Alex Noriega

Risa! I just started a contest where people can win one of my minipaintings for free just for linking to my site... chek it out



A Fanciful Twist

WOW. What a trip... meaning trippy trip. It must be so strange and surreal.... I am soo delighted you are back safe and sound!! Love the paperdoll room!!! Got it!!! xoxoxoxxo V

Veronica TM

hi risa, thank you for sharing your beach photos, they are beautiful.
i am sure you will find challenges of the type here, now that you come back with new eyes to see your home. welcome back!


welcome to new york.

i see the same type of political billboards when traveling in brazil.


glad to hear you are home now!!! I got your room project in the mail yesterday
love it girl!!! also the postcard is a treat!!
all the best for your future town, new job, new life, new excitement!


How does it feel to be back?
Oh, New York food, lucky you!! If i were in NYC right now i'd make a beeline over to 'Donut Plant' in the Lower East Side, i think it was, for the best doughnuts i have ever had the pleasure to eat!


glad you arrived safely risa! xox


welcome back to the states!


I am glad you made it to NYC in one piece!! I agree with you that the graphics and letters are quite eye catching, but it is strange that they paint a personal space. Although Futuregirls comment is true: as Americans we do it all the time. Walking billboards. There was a woman who sold her pregnant belly as advertising space for $30,000 once. Is that weird or what? Can't wait to hear about NYC. I wish I could go visit you!!

lisa s

hey NYC girl! how does it feel to be back?

funny you mention advertising, b/c i kept being intrigued by the ads in japan and wondered if it was partially b/c i wasn't really being SOLD to since i couldn't understand it all.

i think it's great to find beauty - even in things that you might not normally like/agree with. why not?? there's not enough beauty in the world is there??


Will you miss Equador?


you're a wonderful person, risa. you gave so much to the kids these years. i'm sure. thank you for the pics and the useful info again. i didn't know about that type of advertisement in south america. it's sweet and sad.


Oh how I will miss beautiful photos like this from you... though I'm sure there will be may amazing images in NY as well. I'm sure you'll also still be just as challenged in New York, only about different issues maybe. No matter what I'm sure you'll be a able to see the beauty in everything still.

xo lj

simple me

well Risa ... in one way or another we are all somehow victims of this trade/advertising/business whatever you want to call it. the difference is some, because they are less advantaged in many ways, money wise, education wise, tend to be even more exploited. unfortunately they have less "weapons" to defend themselves.


empathizing with this question without any answers here... there is something beautiful about this landscape, the colors, the hand-lettered signage. but it is so jarring that it is also a *domestic* space, i.e. not a "public" urban landscape like the street... i don't know. disconcerting to say the least!

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