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Gotta love a place with mountains.


Hej, this view is so great. And the imagination of a one hour's ride through ONE town.....i live in a village here (200.000 inh.);))
Have a great time on the beach!!


i remember when i lived in colombia and the surrounding mountains were just breathtaking. i did not mind the crowded bus rides.
have fun at the beach. enjoy your last days there.


I enjoyed this view of Quito. Have a great time at the beach....and soon...welcome to Denver!

We are going to the first Friday gallery walks this week...maybe next month I'll bump into you!!


That backdrop is beautiful risa, I love the colourful clothes line against the stone buildings. To live there must be an amazing experience in itself, thank you for sharing a unique part of the world. Have a wonderful break!


Enjoy your break. Though I'm interested in hearing about Italy, it has really been wonderful to get such a personal viewpoint on a part of the world you don't hear about as often.


Wow, those views are fantastic. I can't believe you only have a few weeks left in Ecuador. I hope your last days are truly wonderful... enjoy the beach. xo lj


what a journey it has been. Does this mean I will have no Ecuador to visit anymore on my blog roll?


so nice to see these photos. love the mountain views. enjoy your beach trip risa! xo

simple me

love those views of the mountains.
you reminded me so much when I was in Peru and Bolivia so many years ago. the extreme contrasts between rich and poor areas in the same city.
have a wonderful time on the beach and enjoy these last few weeks before a new exciting chapter begins.
I don't know if you told me before but how long were you in Ecuador?

A Fanciful Twist

It is like a movie..... Have fun at the beach!! xoxoxo


Awesome pics - what a great view...the mountains are amazing!! love the coloured homes...a really nice post!!


Have fun at the beach! How I miss it. =)


And I will miss exploring Ecuador and your small vignettes too, Risa.
see you, g xo


enjoy your time at the beach risa!! and thank you for sharing these pics. the mountains around quito are beautiful! love the clothesline as well. and you brought back memories for me of the minibus taxi :)

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