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Wishing you a very happy home coming Risa and hubby!xoxo

A Fanciful Twist

YAY! Yur coming back! Yipppeeee


Hi risa, welcome back! Sounds like you had a lovely relaxing time at the beach. I received your room today, it's absolutely stunning! I'll send you an email soon.xox

Veronica TM

as i read your words i feel emotional, leaving must be hard. i am sending you lots of strength and good energy, risa!
looking forward to seeing photos of the beach.


Risa, I am so very far behind with all my blog reading... best of luck with the move, and with all that squealing too! How I would have loved to have visited you whilst in Ecuador!
take care, g xo


Can I double what Gracia just typed.


Oh your back from being at the beach...time is flying by!!! Wishing you so much luck with leaving and starting a new chapter my lovely friend!
Even though the picture is blurred, it captures their enthusiam and smiles xxx


thinking of you risa...

simple me

my dear Risa ... well it seems that by the time I'm writing this you are in the USA. I wish you all the best and I understand that it's going to feel a bit odd for a little while but you'll carry with you this wonderful experience for the rest of your life and you are richer in that sense.

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