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Those cookie faces are fabulous! One might say they're swapilicious...:^)


Those boys must have been bouncing off the walls when you were done with the cookies!


i LOVE those cookies! too cute to eat (almost)! too bad we couldn't swap cookies!


I agree, why can't we swap cookies. My mom makes these amazing carrot cake cookies (like sandwiches with the cream cheese between two cookies). I love your faces!!!


what fun faces - my kids would love those!! they are so into monsters!
id be happy to swap with you!


did you bite them or did they bite at you???
Great!Heehee!! So funny!


Those faces! So cute! So yummy looking!


Wow! I would like to commend the boys on the creative use of the banana candies! I used to love those, but I hadn't seen them in years.


i love reading your adventures it is winter in sunny australia and it is cold and raining.. so lots of time for making.... and reading happy days margie


Your cookie decoration party look like lots of fun! Beautiful ribbons indeed!

Vanessa V

I adore the cookies! Are those the ones the kids decorated??? Were they bouncing off walls???? xxox


Those faces! How I love the one with the blue eyes with what looks like a furry boil on the chin (the last photo, top right).

see you, g xo


Those are a treat - what a wonderful treat! Love the endless candy variation: They're horns, no eyebrows!


love those faces. They look like they should be framed and hang on a wall.


those cookies are amazing. i heart cookies with frosting... it looks like the party with the boys was really fun!
and thank you so much for all the book reviews the past few posts. i think my reading list for the rest of the summer is full of treats between your recommendations + shari's!


great cookie faces.

simple me

those cookies are fab.
I don't think I would have the courage to eat them. I think I would frame them if that was possible.

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