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ooooh, a book list! I love reading book reviews - you must post them!

simple me

that is interesting...the books you read during the year...unfortunately mine this year would be a very minute one. oh well! :)
have a wonderful week!


Yes, yes, yes! Does that count for three votes?


Yes! Interested!
And I like the work of Mel Kadel a lot!!


I've just been exploring your lovely links and came across Duncan Hannah's work on the RH/G site (his work is listed on the forthcoming exhibitions page). It reminds me of a friends work here in Melbourne...

And yeah to the reviews! A big yes vote from me.

xo lj


Yes, please! I'd love to know what you've been reading of late. Do you think you'll list them in the order you read them or in order of those you could remember most? I've never thought of how my reading habits would look in a list... one thing is certain, once I discover an author I love I tend to read everything of theirs I can get my hands on.

Off to explore those links...
see you, g xx


I was just looking at mel kadel's website yesterday!
Love all the other links too. I don't read that many books, but it would be interesting to see what kind of books you read :)


love the gum. :) i'm very interested in your book reviews. such a good idea. maybe we should trade? xox

Vanessa V

56 books???? What????? You are amazing!!! oooo, love the art works! xxo


I love reading, and am always looking for new (to me) titles. So list away.


i'm on a reading kick and was thinking about blogging my reads of late too! synchronicity...or serendipity? would love a "risa review of books" entry.


thank you for mel kadel link! i love it! :*)


definitely yes.


Oh yes!! I would love that! A blogging bookgroup???

I did a short little one just today:)


what a cool piece of art!!

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