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i've always wanted hungry planet and material world. perhaps my library has them? your post has made me so very hungry. time for dinner! xo
ps: i love the idea of your sister guest blogging. hooray!


Hi there Risa,

Sorry I haven't been to visit in a while... I've so much to catch up on.

I love the photo from the market in Cuenca. Now that looks delicious to me.

xo lj


I look forwards to your sister's guestblooging.
I am a food traveller too :-)

Tiel S-K

that looks so intersting. I'll have to have a look..Nice to visit you has been awhile. I am always amazed at how much we spend on food and with two kids, how much we throw away.


i saw Menzel's work at the MOSI in Chicago last December. the photos were stunning and at times heart-breaking. it really made me think about the way i spend my money on groceries and the importance of eating fresh food. love your blog and your pics are gorgeous!


I'm seen Peter Menzel's 'material world' photos in a magazine, love the hungry planet pictures too. That is a massive brunch, wow but I guess English breakfast is similar. Can't wait to see your sister's photos from culinary school.

lisa s

yum is right...

the menzel photo is surreal. i love it


Oh my - I am obsessed with that photo gallery.

Please have guest blogging about Italian cooking school! Please!



I must see the book!! I can't wait either for the stories from tuscan cookery school! I remember the first time I tasted Tuscan bread which is made without salt - wow - I never realised how much salt added to the flavour of bread!

I always search out markets when I go on holiday - the last one was Ostermalm Saluhall - an old foodhall in Stockholm, but I remember my friends laughing at me when I came back from Rome and I had one picture of the colosseum and 15 pictures of fruit from the market!


thanks for the link to the photo essay.


say, what's the yummy lookin stuff in those brunch mugs? i miss you and j as my brunch buddies. :(


Thankyou so much for posting that photoessay! I think I'll have to steal it and post it on my blog too. I've been thinking a lot about how I eat recently, and that was just a whole other dimension. The Western world consume just SO MUCH. Not just actual quantity, but so many more prepared foods (which are more resource instensive). There were so many sealed packets on the Americans tables! And the presence of soft drink interested me. Even in some developing nations they had soft drink bottles, sometimes quite a lot! That was interesting.

Maybe I'll have a go at photographing my weekly feed. Difficult, because we shop for meat/ dairy/ grocery items on a different day to wholefoods/ fruit/ veg. I always worry that the supermarket people think I'm a hardcore Atkins fanatic, as we never have any fruit & veg in out trolley!


What is that fizzy libation in those mugs there - it looks delicious.


MMM Bibimbap. Something you can definitely NOT get in Ecuador. December is a long time away....


And I miss eating out with Jillypickle too!!!


Oh, what a scrumptous brunch! drool....
What is that bottom dish and the drinks?


mmm..lovely colourful photos of food!!!! Youre making me hungry :)xxx


Girl, you're killin' me with all this food! I'm hungry. Good thing Joe's coming back in 10 minutes with fish tacos *drool*. ;)


There is an addition on travelling around the world through food: take one vegetable, for example cauliflower,which is very common, and try to prepare it the indish way, the african way, the german way.... or the same with spinach...travelling around the world in your pot:))
Thanks a lot for the book-links. On my wish-list, too from now on!!


culinary school sounds like an amazing experience. that is one thing i would love to do one day.
and a big heck yea to the eating/ traveling thing-- that is my favorite thing! i'm missing korean food right now but flushing will have to do in the meantime, right? :) xo

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