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hi risa. i've read 1 and 2 and agree that they are must reads. i really love myla goldberg. have you heard her voice? :) i have only read bee season but i'm thinking of checking this one out from the library. great reviews!


history of love is one of the few books that had me alternately laughing out loud and crying in public as i read it. and that was only the first 15 pages!


I have No.2 at home but have yet to read it..didnt they make a movie or was that his first book?
thanks for the book reviews!


I loved 'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' in a way that I haven't done for other books in a long time. I'll have to check out the other two.


great! Thank you. All three are new to me and since I love quirky books a lot I will try the first two!
In reverse...for crime-novel-readers...the most quirky books (at the moment) I can very highly recommend are the novels of French female-author Fred Vargas. I LOVE them!


you really deserve the thinking blogger award lovely risa -
and thank you for this great list of books which i will use to pick a new read!!
Have a great weekend xxx


Ho! What a coincidence. I've just started "Kafka On The Beach". Thank you for the Updike review. I'll read after finishing the book.


OK, so I love this idea! Book reviews and cupcake ratings!!

I have not read any of these, but did read Bee Season. I am going to put the first 2 on my list and may just copy your idea and continue on this blogging book group concept.

simple me

well the thinking award is even more deserved here it goes 4 nominations :)
I only read the history of love and I'm with you...5 cupcakes (what a fun idea!).
although I think that the cupcakes wouldn't last me long enough for rating the books. they would be all gone before long :b


I think I will have to read The History of Love! It sounds like my sort of book! I love the whole cupcake scoring thing!!


thank you for the fantastic reviews sweetie... i have not read any of these and will check them out!

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