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Vanessa V

Have it shipped to someone in Canada, then to you.. Perfect Idea!

Okay, that rug looks so crazy complicated and hard work! To keep those lines!

WOW!!!! xxo


i can't believe you MADE that rug! awesome! happy b-day! you 2 are super cute in your wedding photo. enjoy the rest of your time down south!!!


That rug is beautiful! Please please please teach me to make one!


happy belated birthday!
wow, what a rug, gorgeous.
nice coat and the collar.


Wow! I don't think I could ever make a rug! You got some serious skillz! Yeah, that's right. With a Z!


a beautiful handmade gift. love it. glad you are celebrating all week! xo


what's amazing me most in this rug is, that you two did it together!!!! A new interpretation on : work is love, made visible!


It's amazing that you make rugs, they look very labour-intensive. I love that Jordan helps you with it too, how sweet. Great choice on the coat and jacket, I am loving anything unusual with big buttons these days. Enjoy your celebrations!


Wow, what an amazing gift!!!!!

Such fun to have lots of birthday celebrations!!!! Enjoy it all xxx


Wow, this is cool.


You make rugs? Wait, wait, run that by me again. Either I am not paying attention or you just dropped some super-crafting bomb on my world. Fab-u-lous!!!


just love that rug and your birthday picture hope you enjoyed new york what a place i would love to visit.. happy week margie


Oh my gosh, that is such a beautiful wedding present. Is that the kind of rug where you weave the fiber in and out of the plastic-y mesh? I love the colors and pattern, modern yet earthy. =D


I'm all for the meditative quality of such tasks too, Risa... both the stitching, and I guess the whisky (more soothing, I guess, than meditative).
see you, g xo


A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY Risa!!! :) xoxoxoxoxo


I for sure need to find out where this whisky bar is. The only bottles of good whisky I have had were ones that came in people´s suitcases from the EEUU


"Seemed to really like it?" Of course we love it! Its amazing - although I have no idea where people took it (or anything else from that weekend).

Thanks again guys!

FYI - the best "whiskey" drink is Crown Royal & ginger ale. Sounds awfully similar to the taste you got with your sweetie.


catching up with you dear r :) i love this rug... i am so impressed with you and jordan! making a huge needlepoint project with e is my dream but he is resistant. hmmm. xo

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