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Oh, that pin is so cute...maybe geese are going to be the latest trend after hedgehogs and birds!


I LOVE and appreciate your book reviews... I have been thinking I should do the same, but then I feel like that would be a blog unto itself and I can barely keep up with the one I have...

Yes, Updike always seems to feel the responsibility to put a touch too many details into his reviews. His coverage of the last to Houellebecq novels, "Platform" and "Possibility of an Island", were wonderful just for his sheer hatred of Houellebeqc (whom I love).


i love your book reviews!

Murakami is a weird dude - i like his writing most of the time, but sometimes it makes me dizzy, i lose the thread, get confused....

what's on the summer reading list?


I love, love, love Murakami. This book especially seemed to circle back to themes in Hard Boiled Wonderland. I need to read it again. As far as your other reads. Loved Extremely Loud etc (never can remember the name) did you see the movie Everything is Illuminated? Same guy. And History of Love is on my radar, recommended by a student a year or two ago, I might even have it on the shelf. I liked Bee Season, but heard that the second book was so-so. Keep these reviews coming!!! No pressure, I swear.

I also really appreciate your book reviews. I am a very picky reader... But talking to cats and scuh.. Brilliant!

AS for the pin. All I can say is that I want that goose to be named Ferdinad. And just the name Ferdinand is making me want to dance. Why is that??

Vanessa V


That last comment was from me. However, as you can see, my name is present nowhere. :) Weird. see see, Mercury again... argh... hehehe


Sweet pin and thanks for the link to visit Lechner's home, great images though I really wouldn't want to have to do the dusting!


Love your pin and thank you for the amazing link to Sara Lechner's beautiful home -a case of a house filled with 'things' but everything having its place and looking like they belong.


A charming pin Risa :) and loved the link to Saras fab home - so like her work! xxx


Your'e a great book-review-writer!!!
I never tried Murakami, don't know why, but I love Updike!
And I love the work of Sara!!

simple me

kafka on the shore was one of my favourite reads of the past year. I just loved it ... can it have 6 or 7 cupcakes please :)
what an amazing home. I'm just not sure I would be able to live in it. although I admire everything in it.


Marukami is amazing. I've read everything he's written. His book Underground on the Sarin gas attacks in Tokyo is amazing. But my favorite book is The Wind Up Bird Chronicle where the protagonist searches for his wife's missing cat - the young girl he meets is one of the most memorable characters I've ever read in fiction. Read it, if you haven't already it's a really stunning book.


Like many, Murakami has to be one of my favourite authors too. I'll follow him down wells and into jazz clubs anytime.

Happy reading! grache xo


Get out of my head! Love Murakami. I think Wild Sheep Chase might be my favorite.

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